Great Wolf Lodge: Niagara Falls

Well, well, well, now I can go and say that I have been to Great Wolf Lodge! Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel that is known world-wide and hyped about for its large water park. Last August, my family and I left for our first time to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls!

We left at 7 in the morning so that we could have the whole day to spend at the hotel! We only made one stop at Tim Hortons, in which we arrived at around 9:30 at the hotel! First impression: Wow! I was captivated by the scenery and decorations GWL had and how it really embraced the “forest” theme. Normally, on your check-in day, you can access the water park at 1pm. However, they were very nice and allowed to enter the water park as we checked in! Without wasting any time, we headed up to our room on the fourth floor and got ready for the pool! At check-in, we were given bracelets with “barcodes” that could be scanned to enter your hotel room, the water park and get towels! Very fancy considering previous times when I went to a hotel, we would always use cards to enter our hotel rooms. Technology! First impression entering the water park: mind blown!! It was so big but also really congested! There was no fresh air and it was warm. However, we placed our things down and began to go on the rides. We tried Grizzly Falls, Bobcat Falls, Wooly Mammoth, and Niagara Falls Rapid Run! Throughout the day, I kept losing my brother and we would end up seeing each other in the line of another ride or getting a tube! LOL! My favourite ride was the Niagara Falls Rapid Run because it was powered by a conveyor belt so you would ride very fast and there were tons of bumps! I felt like I was flying off every time there was a bump!

Another favourite ride of mine was the Canadian Vortex as it was a “toilet-bowl” type ride! You would go through this dark tunnel and suddenly be released into this giant bowl where you would spin around 2-3 times and then go down another tunnel. My little sister loved this slide in addition to the Wooly Mammoth! The Wooly Mammoth was a family ride fitting up to four people.

At around 2pm we went outside since there was an outdoor pool and my brother and I played some basketball. It was so cold though!! Ok, it wasn’t that bad and it warmed up shortly after we entered ther pool. Just beside the doors was a stage where trivia was being held! First person to answer correctly a question about the hotel would receive a prize! I got a few rocket candies 🙂 We were debating whether to have lunch or dinner in the hotel since we had brought food from home with us. We decided on lunch and ate at “Antler Shanty”. Antler Shanty was a buffet-style restaurant in which we stuffed our faces with pizza, chicken, rice and the cute mini tacos! I have to admit, there wasn’t much variety of food and I wouldn’t say it was “top-notch” quality, but we were filled and it was for a pretty good price! Adults were on $12 and kids were half-price! So a fair amount for lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the waterpark and spent the night until its 9pm closing. A great thing about the waterpark is that it has long hours from 9am to 9pm. Even though you pay a heavy price to get in, I believe it is worth your money because you can access the waterpark for over 12 hours in one day. Moreover, you can even access the waterpark on your day of closing until its closing hours! You just have to be checked out of your hotel room by 11:30, but otherwise the waterpark is yours!

Anyways, after the water park closed my brother and I headed to the arcade. We received money from our parents, bought some credits and started playing around. My brother and I LOVE arcades. However, we are very competitive and are so motivated on getting tickets. We played a couple of fun games each taking turns. I played a typical game where a light goes around a wheel and you want to try and stop it at the area with a high number of tickets. I played the game twice and won 40 tickets the first time and 30 the second! At the end of the night, my brother and I gathered a total of about 240 tickets! Of course, you can’t get much with 240 tickets as all the big prizes are worth `1000’s of tickets. We ended up get a GWL key chain necklace, and a bunch of sugar straws! We were only supposed to get 4 because we only had 40 tickets left after buying the chain. However, the man working there was so nice and just gave us a handful despite not having enough tickets! 🙂


My brother and I headed back to our room and went to bed pretty quickly as it was a long day! Let me just quickly mention how much I LOVE sleeping in hotel beds!! Let me know in the comments if you agree! 😉 The pillows are so soft and the bed is so clean…The only thing I would say is that the blankets are always shorter so it doesn’t cover the top part of my body like by shoulders.

Anyways, the next morning we got up at around 8 am and had breakfast in the lobby. Then of course, we headed to the water park! Unfortunately our time came to an end! We left the hotel around 12:30 and drove back home :/ It was such a great and fun trip!

In the morning the was a yoga and we saw many kids running around the hotel playing “Magi Quest”. From what I understood, all over the hotel are treasure chests, pictures and boxes that are opened with a magic wand (sensors inside). You travel around the hotel to unlock the boxes and receive points or something. It looked really fun!

Before leaving the hotel, we took some pictures on the big law chair and headed back home. Great Wolf Lodge was such a great experience even if it was for just a short time! My little sister keeps asking to go back and I even want to go back myself! It was such a memorable and fun experience!

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