Harbour Front: Civic Holiday 2016

Thinking that it was going to be a boring day, I started off the day with a negative attitude. I was sad and upset because I thought we didn’t have any plans for the day. I let that anger out onto my parents. Fortunately, they didn’t let my anger get the best of them and they decided to take the family to Harbour Front.

My angered heart stood cold until my dad decided to rent one of the city bikes for our family, for my brother and I to share. Then, my heart was filled with joy, I was so excited and my mood switched within the blink of an eye!


It was so amazing to be able to rent a bike because whenever we would come to Toronto, I would always see the bikes stacked in a line but, never actually got to rent one out. Also, I hadn’t ridden a bike in so long since I don’t have one at home so, I was thrilled! Before our daily adventures began, we stopped by Tim Hortons and got the new “Pineapple Orange Fruit Smoothie”! It was delicious!


This time we went into a new area of harbour front that was like a beach. There was sand, but you couldn’t swim in the water. There was also a huge rock with stripes on it! I took advantage of the scenery by taking some pics! ( Gotta get those cute photos if you know what I mean 😉 ) Then we went to our normal spot in Harbour Front. The stage was filled with performers, there were little clothing and accessory shops and a tons of food trucks! Walking around the area, we (I) took some pictures, rode the bike for a bit and we received fans promoting the new Matilda play! I actually would really love to see it because I love the movie so much!

Anyways, as the end of the night approached we were starting to get hungry so my brother got a Quiznos sandwhich-which he loved-i regret not getting one- and we also ordered pizza! We drove home and ended off the night by watching some tv! Is anyone currently watching America’s Got Talent?! I recently just started watching the show for the first time and I am in love! Each and every one of us is so blessed to have a special talent that sets us apart from everyone else! Don’t worry if you think you “don’t have a talent”, you have yet to find it!

I started off the day with a bad attitude. I regret doing that because my parents took me and the rest of my siblings out just to make us happy. Next time I should be positive and content no matter what the situation is! I know it’s not exactly going to be easy trying to positive in tough situations but it’s a learning and growing process!

Leave me in the comments:

  1. What’s your favourite tv show or if you are currently watching AGT, then who is your favourite act?!
  2. Do you like garlic sauce with your pizza? Everyone in my family loves it except for my mom because she think it takes away the taste of the pizza! How ridiculous! Haha anyways let me know what you prefer!
  3. How do you manage to stay positive all the time?

~keep inspiring~




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