A Trip Down Memory (Movie) Lane!

Anyone still remember what VCR’s are? If you do, then props to you! VCR’s were those rectangular prisms that you put in your tv to watch movies. Now that I have refreshed your memory, the other day my brother and I were in the basement and my brother had found a whole box of VCRs! He called me over and together we started exploring through all of the tapes!

One by one we saw films from the early 2000’s to the late 1900’s! We had so many classic, old films in our basement like Snow White, Charlie Brown and The Little Drummer Boy! Just seeing all my favourite childhood movies before my eyes again was very heartwarming and just put a huge smile on my face!

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Let me know which old-time movies are your favourites and which ones you recognize from my family collection !


3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory (Movie) Lane!

  1. Omg Charlie Brown is my favorite! As a kid, I used to hoard the orange Nickelodeon tapes…they were mostly Rugrats films. 😊💜 these tapes have a ton of memories!

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      1. The Rugrats is a classic show!! Haha, if you are able to find those orange tapes, I recommend buying a few. Haha!


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