True Joy

This past Saturday night was my turn to serve at Church. I serve in Kids ministry. I play with the kids in the beginning, keep them quiet during the Bible story, help them with their crafts, assist in worship, help with snack and then finally send them off to their parents when the service is over.

After the service was over, I just had a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of happiness and tranquility. Being with kids have always been a passion of mine and I know it is something I love because after the service that I serve in, I just feel happy. I enjoy being with kids, making them smile, and giving them attention when they cry or are hurt. Moreover, I feel content knowing that I can use my gifts and talents of working with kids to honour God and serve Him.

Knowing that the kids know my name and want to play and interact with me just lights up my day. Serving with kids is where I find true joy. Where do you find joy? Is it in materialistic things like money or your phone? Or do you find happiness when you spend time with your family and friends?

Knowing God and abiding in him just gives you this overwhelming joy that you can’t contain. The great part about this joy is that it is very natural and not changing. If you try to force joy upon yourself when working for the Lord, you won’t feel real joy. Though, as you constantly grow and understand your faith, joy will come naturally. You find a joy that can’t be replaced or taken away. Yes, we are weak, but he isn’t. He helps us during our weak times and we regain our joy.

~keep inspiring~



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