Late Night Adventures: Menchies!

Summer is all about doing things that you can’t do during the school year. You have all this time with no one nagging you to “go study” or “prepare for that upcoming test”. In summer you are free.

My dad was coming home from work at around 9:30 p.m and wanted to go for a walk despite that it was dark and late. The lazy side of me started showing and I didn’t want to go because it was getting dark and frankly didn’t feel like moving! As my mom, dad and sister were about to leave I thought “why would I stay at home and watch tv while I can go out and be with my family experiencing summer to the fullest?” Motivated my brother and I joined my parents and we all head out to Menchies, walking of course! Since moving houses last summer, we are so much closer to a lot of fast food places and stores. Therefore, my family and I love to do a lot of walking and exercising during the Summer.

Once arriving at Menchies, we began to try some samples for flavours. My favourite flavours are all the tarts and sorbets! Filling up my cup with Blueberry Tart, Cake Batter, Mango Sorbet in addition to other flavours, I began to proceed to the toppings! The toppings are my siblings favourite part of Menchies as there are a variety of candies!! If you were to look at my little sister’s bowl, it would contain 40% froyo and 60% candy! Haha that doesn’t make my mom too happy but she lets it go! My dad, being the healthy man that he is, gets alot of fruits on his froyo instead of candy. He also tries pretty much any flavour since he is not picky at all. Can you say yum, yum to the froyo?! So delicious!!

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We ended off the night by eating our froyo, walking home and heading to bed!

Summer is a two month season where I am free. My focus is not consumed by school and I can choose how to spend my time. I am pleased that I chose to go with my family rather than just sit at home. I encourage you to do the same and instead of spending your summer in front of your tv screen all cozied up, step out of those blankets, put on a pair of shoes and go explore! Experience the neighbourhood and places around you. You may not necessarily need to buy something to be active but just getting out of your house is the best way to experience Summer!

Let me know how you’re spending your time this Summer!


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