CountDown to Christmas: 5 Days Left!

5 days left and the snow that we had is now melted away and instead our roads are filled with water from the rain. 😦 We need some kind of Christmas miracle so that we can atleast have snow on Christmas day! I live in Canada. Therefore, we are known for our cold, snowy winters. We’ve gotten the cold part, and now we just need the snow part. What would be Canada without snow?!

Anyways, yesterday was a relaxing day.  I didn’t really do much except for eat, sleep and do my homework. Therefore, I’ll  share in depth for the little boring things that I did. Hopefully this will be somewhat interesting 😉 This can kind of be a “Day in my Life” video but in writing!

Ok. So I woke up at about 9am and went to the bathroom. I always begin my morning routine by washing my face because it refreshes and wakes me up. I apply my Neutrogena face cleanser while my face is still wet and then wash it all off after. I brush my teeth and head to the kitchen. I go for a quick breakfast and then head up to my room to begin my homework. Throughout the day I worked on my history essay on the roles of women in World War 2. I also worked on my french CPT on the country Vietnam- and let me just say it is sooo beautiful! I definitely want to travel there one day when I’m older. I ended off my night by studying science and taking a shower. Of course I took eating and relaxing breaks throughout the day. I slept at about 1:15am but to be honest, I didn’t really feel tired!   It’s weird because in the beginning of the year I would feel tired by 11:30pm. However, now I have the ability to stay up much later! 

Anways, yesterday was a relaxing an chill day with not much “action”. However, get excited for tomorrow because there is plenty of activities going on, in which I will be blogging about !!

~keep inspiring ~



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