CountDown to Christmas: 4 Days Left! 

Today was such an awesome and fun day! I woke up bright and early in the morning at 8:30 and headed to an event at a new community center with my family. There was like a “Christmas fair” at the community center. Crafts, toys, basketball and ping pong were all at the fair. I played some basketball and ping pong with my brother while my sister made crafts with my mom. I also brought my laptop to work on my CPT a bit . Once we cam home, I continued working on my homework and assignments until 6 o’clock wen we left for dinner at The Keg.


This was my first time having dinner at The Keg and I loved it. Just walking into the restaurant, I was amazed at how fancy and “artsy” it was. The bathrooms were even nice! We had dinner among my family and our really close family friend that I’ve known ever since I was three!

In the bathrooms!


The DOORS in the bathroom!

Ughh SOO fancy!! Anyways I can’t really remember what the meal I ate was called, but there was chicken, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. It was so delicious and very filling!

But I can’t even explain how yummy and delicious the dessert was!! I’ll let the picture do the explaining.


Are you jealous?! Jokes, jokes! It was filled with brownie and caramel at the bottom, ice cream at the sides and topped of with whip cream and a cherry! Mmm!

Our family friend was so generous with us and got each of my siblings a gift. She gave my brother the LEGO movie set and my sister a pink, LEGO Juniors set. My brother and sister loved their gifts. My sister was so excited to open her toy and build everything inside. Even the next day she kept playing with it and didn’t even turn on the TV! Lastly, she gave me money and a beautiful cutting board! However, I decided to use  the cutting board on my desk below my keyboard!


Overall, the day and dinner was great. I definitely want to have dinner back at The Keg again and see my family friend again! I love her so much!

Tomorrow’s also a pretty fun day! 😉

~keep inspiring~



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