CountDown to Christmas: 7 Days Left! 

Hey there! Hope the holiday season is going great for you! There is one week left until Chrisrmas and I decide to do a Christmas countdown in blog posts! That’s right I will be posting daily about my daily adventures up until Christmas! It’s very similar to blogmas that bloggers do on YouTube but in writing. Hope you enjoy!

Ahh,finally the last day of school! I’m freeee, finally-well not really. Let me explain. Today was a relaxing and fun day at school. There were pretty much no classes. We arrived at school at went for attendance in first period. Then we all went down to the cafeteria and listened to students perform. During second period and for the rest of the day, there was a dodgeball tournament. There were several teams from all grades, 9-12. A male, grade ten team ended up winning the whole tournament. Throughout the day, my friends and I watched the tournament, talked and just relaxed, enjoying the day. Once I came home I followed my normal Friday night routine and had a nap. After about an hour, I woke up and went with my mom, brother and sister to a newly opened community center. We were going for game night to play ping pong. However, the ping pong tables were not set up so we just hanged sound the community center, talked with people and took artsy pictures in front of the Christmas tree. 

My brother went and played basketball in the gym while my sister was just running around! We came home, watched Shark Tank and went to bed. 

This Christmas break can’t fully be called a break because I have a history and french CPT to finish in addition to studying for exams. It will be a busy break, but it will be tons of fun because I will be spending it with my family and friends. I will also be travelling out of the country! 😉

7 days left in counting! Let’s do this! I can’t contain my excitement!

~keep inspiring~



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