CountDown to Christmas: 6 Days Left!

Today was a great day. It was my first official day of Christmas break and so I woke up at 11! I spent the day being productive by doing my history and french CPT. It’s just such a good feeling when you’re productive! You feel so accomplished after! In the evening, my family and I went to the church! Oh how I love to worship ! Following the church, we headed to Walmart and did some food and Christmas shopping. My dad was looking for some mini chocolates to give to his employees this Christmas. I decided to help him because he usually ends up buying the most expensive thing out there, when there’s the something better for cheaper! Haha, that’s okay ! We ended up buying some Lindor chocolates. While we were in Walmart, my little sister kept asking my dad to buy thigs. Literally every item she saw she would be like “Daddy can I buy this”. She’s a cutie and understands when we tell et she can’t buy everything 😉  We did end up buying her some chocolates though! Once  we finished our shopping, we went home. We had two technicians come in to fix our heaters and one of them brought their son. Their little son was a year older than my sister and they played together! It was so cute how they were interacting with each other and talking. Funny story-I was standing up and the boy suddenly started leaning against me because he was tired. Then I went to his eye level to speak to him and he just sat on my lap! Ahaa, it was adorable. (yes I love kids and babies) When he was leaving with his dad, he gave me a hug without me even asking! Like can I keep him with me ?! Anyways during the final hours of my night, I studied physics in preparation for the exam.

Today was such a great day as I studied and did work for all my subjects and got to have a little fun by going shopping with my family ! So excited for the upcoming days until Christmas!

~keep inspiring~



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