A Season of Giving!

The Christmas season is such an exciting time! Christmas music is playing, there is snow on the ground (well not currently in Canada), Christmas trees, lights…aahhh I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I can’t contain my excitement! The Christmas season is a joyful time for kids because they receive tons of presents. However, it is also an expensive one for parents!

 Two weeks ago, my pastor was speaking about real treasure. Our real treasure isn’t in things but rather in the joy of the gospel. This Christmas we shouldn’t find our treasures in the presents or money we get. Instead,  our treasure is found in God’s word- in the grace of the gospel. Something powerful my pastor said was that “where our treasure is, our heart is also”. I completely agree with that statement because our treasures are things that are valuable and important to us. Therefore, where our treasures lie, our heart lies also.  This world is a sinful place in which we should store up our treasures in Heaven. As Matthew 6:19 says,”Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal”.
In his message, I was encouraged to give because our church as a whole is trying to raise $100,000 to go to several things like building churches in Haiti and other places.etc Our youth group specifically is trying to raise $1000. My pastor was suggesting three ways to give: sell your treasures, substitute your treasures, or sacrifice your treasures. As he was speaking, I was thinking about how I get extra money for lunch and how I could use that money to give. As I was thinking that thought, I contradicted myself and thought “Wait but I need that money to buy food and to participate in secret Santa with my friends”. After I had that contradicting thought, I realized my struggle and the whole thought process that just went down. I was just in shock.

My pastor really encouraged us to give with four attitudes:

  1. Give with an open heart
  2. Give from your won heart
  3. Give with a cheerful heart
  4. Give with a trusting heart

In the end, God will supply.

That is what I am trying to work on this holiday. I want to give to God with an open and cheerful heart. I have to admit, it’s not easy. I want to use my money for personal entertainment reasons. However, I know I want to give it up to God since he gave me everything. Therefore, to start saving money, I’ve decided to not participate in secret Santa with my classmates. It is hard giving up some things, but in the end I know it’s worth it!

I hope you start giving this holiday season and examine where your treasures are.

~keep inspiring~



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