Little Acts of Kindness!

Would it hurt you to show a little kindness to someone when they’re least expecting or even deserving it? Even something small as helping a friend afterschool with homework can truly make a difference. The small actions you think won’t matter, may end up brightening their day. Constantly keep putting others before yourself. My four-year old sister really wanted me to paint her nails so that she could be matching with her friend from school. (typical JK things :p) Anyways, I didn’t want to paint her nails because I was busy doing homework and she knew that. However, I ended up doing her nails and wow, it changed her life! She was so happy for the rest of the night! She  was kind to me (sometimes she misbehaves ;)) and was being a good listener to my parents and I. Wow. That small situation just inspired me to right this quick post. When you perform an act of love and kindness to someone when it is least expected, that can truly mean the world to them. For instance, if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, family friend or best friend that you want to help make their day, give them a small gift or card; something to show your appreciation and kindness. Perform an act of kindness any other day besides their birthday or a holiday. If you do this, I guarantee you it will make their day since they wouldnt be expecting it. Therefore, I would encourage you to perform little acts of kindness to spread and pass on the love. 

~keep inspiring~



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