Halloween Get Together at Wild Wings!

This Halloween was a special and different one for me because I got to spend it with my closest friends. There were several parties occurring  Halloween weekend and I wasn’t invited to any. However, I was completely fine with not being invited because I was aware that there would be alcohol at the parties and that is not something I want to partake in. Myself and a group of six other girls got together and went for dinner at Wild Wing. We all met at Wild Wing at 6:30. However, before we all met as a group, Julia and I got together. Julia came over to my house and I straightened her hair. I also added some dutch braids to her hair. I personally love doing hairstyles and have a really interesting back story into how I got into hairstyles. However, that story will be for another post! Anyways, as I have an interest in hair, Julia has an interest in makeup! Julia applied a bit of makeup to my face as I normally don’t put too much makeup. She added a small winged eyeliner, with eye shadow, mascara, blush and she even groomed my brows! We were both ready for the dinner and walked to Wild Wing which was only ten minutes away from my house!

At Wild Wing, we all ordered a different kind of wings. This was my first time eating at Wild Wing and so was Patricia’s.IMG_1550[1]Since it was my first time, I decided to order plain wings called “Butt Naked Wings”. They were delicious! On the side of the meal, it came with fries and veggies. The meal was so delicious and I am even craving some write now as I write this!  At first I thought Wild Wing was a pricey restaurant. However, I got a lot of wings and the whole meal was for a pretty cheap price. I couldn’t even finish my whole meal!

After having dinner and chatting, Patricia, Kristina, Stephanie, Julia and I walked Avril back to her condo which was literallyIMG_1571[1] two minutes away from Wild Wing! How convenient! Avril lives in a beautiful condo with a nice reception area. Once we dropped Avril off to her apartment, we waited for Patricia’s mom to pick us up. While waiting in the lobby, I munched on some candy offered in the reception and got a bit addicted! I also took some artsy photos around the place since the building was just so photogenic and fancy! Patricia’s mom picked us up around 8:15 and all five of us went up to Patricia’s room. We played with makeup and got personal with each other.

I really treasured the moments I spent with my friends because it was a great time for us to bond and spend together as one big group. We talked about several things, laughed and had an overall good time. After at Patricia’s house, we really connected and talked about some of our struggles and thoughts on life. I would encourage that you spend some time with your friends outside of school if you’ve been feeling a little distant from them. It is great to just take a break from school and enjoy life once in a while. There is a time for everything. There’s a time for school and a time for fun! My parents have taught me that lesson ever since I was young and now I am passing it on as a reminder to you!

~keep inspiring~



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