My Love for Photography and Editing! How I Edit my Photos!

Recently, I have grown to explore my  photography and editing skills. I would consider taking artsy photos and editing them a new hobby of mine. For school assignments, whenever I had to present information in a cool way, I would always love to make videos because I enjoyed filming scenes and then editing them together to produce one really cool film!

Typically for my editing style, I like to go for bright photos rather than dull, dark or faded ones. I have used several apps before for editing photos, but the one I use currently is called Aviary and I love it! To begin with my editing style, 99.9% of the time, I don’t use filters. Personally, I don’t like filters because they can easily be seen in the photo and make it look to me not “natural”. (unless I’m doing an all black and white photo) The filters I have seen usually  make the outside around the photo darker or  it changes the colour to a shade I don’t really like.


I begin editing my photos with the “Enhance” option. The enhance portion offers four features : Hi-Def,Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night. Depending on what’s in the photo and the original lighting of the photo I will use a different tool for a different purpose. For instance, if there is a photo with myself in it and it is dark, I would use Night because it makes the picture lighter so that you can clearly see my face. However, for other pictures that I am not in and feature objects, I would not use “Night” at all because for those types of pictures I like to make the photo more vibrant and make the colours pop out. Though, Night makes the photo lighter and faded in colour. Therefore, for pictures with objects I would either use Hi-Def or Scenery. Most of the time I would use Scenery because scenery takes the background and make it pop in colour so that it is not longer faded and it catches your eye. I typically do not use the tool Portrait in the enhance option because I feel it blurs out most of the photo and leaves one part really vibrant which is a look I don’t really go for.


Under lighting, there are also four sub-categories including: Brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows. Starting off with brightness, I usually turn up the brightness up a lot because if it is a photo with the sky in it that is take in the day, I like to have the sky pop and be white or for other pictures just to have a shine. ( sky in the picture with me sitting in the circle ). With the brightness up on my photos, I prefer to lower the contrast just below the 50 hashmark because when I increase the contrast it makes the center and focus of the photo darker. On the contrary, if I lower the contrast completely to the start of the left side, the photo becomes faded. Therefore, I just go a bit to the left just before the hash mark. Just like the brightness, I increase the highlights a bit and push it a bit forward from the hash mark to continue giving the glow to my face. For the final feature under lighting called Shadows, I like to turn the shadows down because it pretty much makes the background objects fade. I do this in photos of my self because I like the focus to be drawn toward me. Though, in other photos with objects or animals I would lower the shadows to make them before the hash mark to add a pop to the objects!

Other Effects:

The enhance and lighting options are the features I mainly use. Though, there are a variety of other options that are also available for use. You can add overlays, stickers, text, draw on the photo and add frames to the photo. These are all little effects to add more “umph” to your photo! To adjust the clarity or focus of your photo you can use the sharpness, blur or focus option. Focus provides you with a square or circle shape where you can move that shape to a certain area that will be focused and the rest of the photo will be blurred. Similarly, sharpness adjust the clarity of the whole photo and you can blur out with your finger certain parts of your photo with the blur effect. For little touches on photos with people, there is a blemish, whiten, and red eye option as well.

All in all, photography is something I have recently discovered that I love. I take photos to capture memories. I would encourage you to take photos of places that you go or just your natural surrounding so that the memories can be remembered for a lifetime. Taking photos gives you a glimpse of the beauty around you. You don’t have to go far to capture a great photo! I urge you to try a new hobby and discover something that truly makes you happy.

~keep inspiring~






IMG_1122[1] IMG_1253[1]



original ; no edit!
original; no edit!
original; no edit!


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