9 Study Tips that will Help you get Better Grades and Change your Life!

As the school time is approaching, you want to create good study habits from day 1. You need to put in 150% from the first day of school because every moment counts. To help you out, I have compiled various study tips that have helped me in the past with memorization and homework. By using these tips I have succeeded and learnt from my mistakes. I hope you find a tip that will help you in your learning journey!

  1. Record and listen on the way to school

If you are an auditory learner than this tip will be PERFECT for you. As you are studying or memorizing information you can record what you are studying. Then, in the morning on your way to school (walking, driving, bus) or whenever you have free time during school, you can listen to the recording to help reinforce things in your head. This tip is really great to just have the information on repeat in your head throughout your day.

2.  Record your Teacher

If you are having an important lesson on something that will be on a test or exam, you can record the session so that you don’t miss any important details. This is also really helpful when getting feedback from a teacher on an essay or written assignment. You can record the feedback they give you so that you can modify your essay or assignment to their liking. This is a really helpful tip for me especially because I had an English teacher that liked only certain ideas in essays. Therefore, it was really hard to find out what he wanted in my essay. Therefore, I would try to get my essay done and get his feedback so that I could adjust my essay and make it better. However, I never recorded what he said so sometimes I forgot some of the points he made. In which, I encourage you to record your teachers. (if you’re allowed of course!)

3. Stop and Solve

Sometimes we try to avoid the hard questions and because we avoid them we never end up knowing if we really understand them or not. Therefore, this tip is sure to help you face those difficult questions. Take a piece of paper and write down a hard question or formula that you need help memorizing and understanding the answer to. Then post it on your door so that before you can enter your room, you must answer the question. If you get it right then you can take it down and post a new and even harder question so that you’re challenging your brain.If you get it wrong then that is a signal for something you need to understand. You need to figure out your mistake and how to solve for the correct answer.

4.Spark Notes

During English we would read various book and some were by Shakespeare that featured old English writings. It was sometimes hard to understand what Shakespeare or any old author in other books were writing. Therefore, I would go to Spark Notes and search up the book and they would provide me with a translation of what each line was saying. This was very helpful in helping me to understand certain parts of the book better. I am not encouraging you to read the whole book in a spark notes version. But, it is a resource you can rely on if there are certain parts that you can’t comprehend.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is also a helpful resource that can act as a test for you. Quizlet has a variety of sets of flashcards for various topics that can help you when you are studying. You can search the topic up and answer the questions and see which cards you know and which ones you don’t. You can also make your own set of flashcards. Quizlet is available for download on phones and other devices so you can download the app and study on the go!

6. Homework Help

We all have our struggling points in homework sometime or another. If you ever struggle in math and are between grades 7 – 12, Homework Help is a great tool to use. Homework Help is an online, government-supported group that provides online tutors to help you with your math questions. You can ask your question and a tutor will go step by step with you to solve it but making sure you take part in solving it yourself as well. You say your knowledge on the question and they will guide you to solving it. This is amazing because you get one-on one time with a math expert and you can ask other questions to further your understanding. This helped me a lot in math and I know it will help you!

7. Making Notes the Same Day

This next tip is a huge and important tip that will be the key to success in time management and tests. Make notes as you go through the course so you don’t have to cram with everybody else making notes when the test comes. The day you get assigned homework, make notes for that lesson so that you can compile all the notes and use it to study for a test. That way you don’t have to waste any more time making notes once you know you have a test and you can just study right away. In addition, making notes the day you get the lesson will help you understand it better and help the info stick in your brain.

8.Asking Questions

Asking questions is very important no matter what grade you are in. By asking questions you can get clarity on confusing things and that will help you succeed in the future. Sometimes teachers reveal information for tests and the only way they can do that just for you is if you ask questions. If you are struggling you can ask a teacher to stay aside with you one time after school so that you can receive that one on one attention you need. Never be ashamed to do that because it is better to ask and know then to not ask and stay confused. Additionally, if your teacher does not provide a sufficient answer, you can ask other peers, your parents or even the internet that can provide you with the answer!

9. Study Buddy

It is always great to have at least on friend in each class that you can rely on to be your “study buddy”. You study buddy is a person who you can call and talk with about the homework and solving questions. This is really helpful because friends can help you understand things you aren’t sure of and you can clarify homework tasks. By helping each other you can remind each other of things you may have forgot and be there for each other when homework gets rough. I had a friend in my math class who was my “study buddy”. we would talk for an hour a day just talking about how to solve certain questions and reviewing what we needed to know for tests. This was a great help to me which is why I would recommend you find someone accountable to help you in school!

I encourage you to take these tips and make the best use of them in this school year. Don’t wait until the middle of the year to start trying, start from the beginning. Remember your marks (almost always) reflect the work you put into it! You got this! Make the 2015-2016 school year a successful one!

~keep inspiring~



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