Safari Niagara 2015!

This summer was a blast. My family and I capped off the end of summer by going to Safari Niagara this past Thursday. Safari Niagara is more than just a zoo. It has a lot of other fun activities the make that experience fun for the whole family. We left our house at 7 in the morning . We were initially planning to leave at 6 to arrive at 8 and then have breakfast so that we would be ready for when the park opens at nine. However, we woke up late and ended up leaving at seven. We took a break at around nine to have breakfast at McDonalds. I got a big breakfast meal and it was so filling! Then we left on the road to arrive at Safari Niagara at 10.

IMG_1150[1]Throughout the whole park are trams, which are pretty much like open trains that stop at certain places to make travellingIMG_1069[1] around the whole park easier instead of walking. Once we got into the park, we took the tram and got off at the first stop which was the tigers! We took some pictures of the cats and some ducks nearby. A ropes course was nearby so I decided to try that with my brother! I love rope courses and anything with height and a challenge! In the meantime, my parents took my baby sister to the jumping pillows which was pretty much a bouncy council without the walls or roof! It was about a fifteen minute wait until I finally got into the course. However, my brother couldn’t wait that long so he left and joined my sister on the jumping pillows. By the time he came back, I was already on the ropes course. He left and joined my sister and parents on some mini rides. The ropes course was really fun and I tried to balance on some of the wood pieces I had to walk across without holding the rope that was harnessing me! It was freaky letting go and walking IMG_1087[1]IMG_1049[1]even though I knew I would be safe if anything happened. Anyways, after that my brother and dad had already left to the bike go-karting, so my mom, sister and I walked to meet them. We saw gorillas, and different species of lemurs along the way! All the animals were so cool in their movement and just to see up close. It was a long 15 minute walk to the go karting area until we finally arrived and did the go-karting together as a family. I have to admit, the go-karting was pretty tiring because you have to pedal to move the kart. Though, we rested after that as we saw the otters and took the tram to the next area of the park: the Budgie center!

We went into a small space filled with tons of birds. My family and I got the opportunity to feed IMG_1117[1]IMG_1101[1]the birds! There were popsicle sticks with bird food on them that you could take and stick your hand out to let the birds come and feed off you! It was very cool to have the birds come to me to eat from me. However, it was very hard to get a picture with the birds eating my bird food! After feeding the birds, we walked to a lake just across from the bird’s house and went paddle boating! All the girls were in one boat and the boys in another. We had such a fun time and even raced! Guess who won?! Of course the girls!!

It was about two o’clock at the time, so we took a lunch break and then took the tram to go to a bird show that was starting at three. The bird show was called “Wonders of Flight”. It was an informational show with various species of birds. I learned so much! Another show was starting at 4:00 called Zooniversity, so in the meantime my family went back to the ropes course area. Finally, my brother waited in line with me and we went on the ropes course together. My sister even went on a baby rope course. We then went on the tram to the Zooniversity show. It was also an informational show with different animals like a Turkey, Rabbit and Porcupine.

Nearby the area of the show was a lake. I knew all the attractions of the park except for the fact that we could go fishing! IMG_1170[1] IMG_1174[1]And so that is what my family did! I had no idea that my dad loved fishing and had done it before! I was in complete shock because I never knew that piece of information about my dad! We had a box of worms that were very long and slimy. Here’s a little fishing tip: Get small pieces of bait and loop it twice through your hook so that it will stay on better and it will be easier to feel when the fish is eating the bait. That’s what we did. Though, unfortunately my mom had to cut the worms so that they could be in smaller pieces! Eww! But she is a HERO! With the smaller pieces of bait my dad caught two small fishes and one big one! Wow! I was so impressed! My brother tried fishing but didn’t have much luck. I even tried finished and had worse luck than him! In the first two minutes of trying to fish, my left foot slipped and landed in the water and mud! What luck! I laughed it off and just stuck to watching my dad fish! We fished for about thirty to fourty-five minutes. It was getting close to the closing of the park so we just left and to the tram to the parking lot.

Safari Niagara closes very early at six o’clock so we decided to go to the Niagara falls area and do some walking! I haven’t been to Niagara Falls in over three years! The most recent time I went was on a trip with my grade seven class! I can’t even remember the last time I actually went with my family! Therefore, it was great to be back in Niagara and rekindle the memories! Seeing certain places and scenes just brought back so many memories! We even parked in the same spot that we did when we last came to Niagara! Anyways, before we hopped in our car and headed back home, we had dinner at Dominos Pizza. Once I arrived home, I went straight to bed!

Overall, I had an amazing day! I got to connect and learn so much more about my family and just enjoy the day with the people I love the most! I encourage you to cherish the moments you have with your family and to make the best out of them! I would encourage you to document those times you spend with your loved ones so that you don’t forget them when you get older. You can look back at the fun times you had as your youth and just laugh at it! It’s also really important document it so that you can reflect on your actions and look for imporvement for the future. You can document your memories through a video (vlog), a diary or even a blog, just like I am doing here! Don’t let the good times pass!

~keep inspiring~





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