8 Ways to Prepare for Back to School! Tips and tricks for making this school year successful!

The back to school season is a time that many people dread. I am a bit weird and am okay with going back to school. However, for the people who are not excite for school returning, I have compiled some tips and tricks to help make going to back to school more easier, fun, and enjoyable! You will be prepared with these tips!

  1. School Supply Shopping

Of course when you are going bank to school you will need new school supplies. First thing you want to do is to make a list of all the new things you will need for school and then actually buy the supplies. I recommend checking various stores for specific supplies because school supplies can get pretty expensive . You may find a better deal for an item at one store rather than the other. Some major stores to go looking for school supplies is Walmart, Target, Costco an even the Dollar store! Having all your school supplies ready is the first step to being prepared for school.

2. Outfit Planner

Now that you’re “material ready”, you need to be fashionably ready! I would recommend that you plan out your outfits for the first week of school so that you don’t have to worry about doing it the morning of and stressing about finding a cute outfit. You could even prepare outfits for two whole weeks of school! However, if you go to a school with uniform like I do, then no need to worry about this step of preparation for school! You’re all set for your wardrobe!

3. Snack/Lunch Preparation

Making your own lunch and snacks in the morning can be a hassle when you have so little time. Therefore, a day before school starts you can pre-make some of your lunches and snacks so that you don’t have to worry about it when school rolls around. You can make foods that are “refridgerateable”  so that they can be left for a few days until they are ready to be eaten! You can pre-make cold-cut sandwiches, grilled cheese (heat it at school or in the morning) and snacks like raisins or fruits and veggies! Simple things like that will make the mornings during school time way easier and less stressful!

4. Review Old and New Material

By the time summer break has almost finished, and the back to school season is rolling around, we tend to forget the material we learned over the school year. This is hard because it is hard to remember and understand the new material if we can’t even remember the old one. Therefore, to prepare for school you can just look over some of the notes, papers, and tests you’ve taken over the past year just so that your memory can recall some of the information and it will be ready to tackle the new information thrown at you. Another great tip that will definitely help you in the upcoming school year is to get a brief or detailed glance at the upcoming material. You can go online to find the textbooks for science,math or even history and read some of the information to give your mind a basic foundation of what’s to come in the next year. This will for sure prepare you for the year!

5. Adjusting your Alarms

Our sleep cycle can completely change in the summer than what is was in the school year. To get your body ready for the early mornings of school, you can set your alarm to the time you normally wake up for school just a few days prior to the first day of school. This way, your body can start adjusting to the early morning wake ups and you will wake up more natural and happy.

6. Know Important Little Details for Before and After School

For the upcoming school year, you should know your transportation and daily school routines. You want to organize and arrange yourself for how you will get to and from school, if you have to pick up any siblings, or if you have any extra-curriculars after school on certain days of the week. Knowing all these little pieces of information will surely make your day a lot smoother. If you have received your class schedule, you can also figure out your way around the school based on your order of classes in addition to finding out who is in your classes.

7. Set Goals for Yourself

One of the most important ways for yourself to be prepared for school is to set goals. You want to set goals for yourself academically making sure that you are setting goals that are an improvement from the last year and that will extend and meet your personal potential. Setting goals for yourself will create a  new tone of work ethics for the year and will make you feel motivated and good once you accomplish those goals. You can also set goals for your physically and socially; do you want to be more social and talk to more people? Or do you want to lose fat this year? Whatever the goals you set, just remember that you need to put in the time and effort to achieve them!

8. Changing your Mindset

Along with setting goals for yourself, you need to have a positive mindset going into school. You need to think that ‘this is going to be a great year’, ‘i’m going to work really hard’, ‘i will have fun with my friends’. Going in with a positive mindset will  be more effective in creating a good year by making the things around you-including learning, more enjoyable!

I really hope you will take these tips and tricks in making this school year the best one yet! You don’t need to go into school with a bad mindset and looking down on it. Just take it one step at a time and look at the bright side of things. Enjoy the times with your friends and try to make the most out of your education because it is very important. Instead of tackling an assignment with the attitude of not wanting to do it, proceed into the assignment with the motif to succeed and be the top of your class! You can do it! Best of luck!

~keep inspiring~



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