Why God?

Many ask why is God so great? What is so special or good about him? I’m here to tell you a few of the BILLIONS of things of why I choose God and why people all over the world choose him.

  • He is always with you.

God has never and will never leave you no matter where you go. Whether it is to the mall, a friend’s house, or half way across the world, God is ALWAYS by your side. Sometimes you may feel like you’re alone and have no one by your side. I know I’ve felt that before. But the truth is that God is always there with you and listening even when think he’s not there! He listens and hears your calls and prayers. You have a best friend that won’t just be there for you during or after school. He’s a 24/7 best friend! I think that’s amazing!

  • His love never fails.

We all mess up a lot in life! I know that I make mistakes all the time! However, I know that he loves me no matter what! No matter what my faults are, God never stops loving me. He demonstrates unfailing love. I’m sure we can all relate to the times where someone has made us upset or let us down and it was really hard to forgive them and show them love. God gets upset too just like us when we don’t obey his word. Though, he still demonstrates love, through all thick and thin. His love towards me drives me to want to show love to others and to be like Christ.

  • God is good.

A lot of people ask if God is really there, then why do bad things happen? The truth is God doesn’t create the bad things in the world. We do, because of the sin in our hearts. Something I’ve learned is that God only does good. Even in the moment when there is a bad situation, there is something good that comes out of it. This is because God is only good. For instance, from previous earthquakes that have happened in the world, tons of aid and support has come to the countries affected by that. That is just a small example of how God is good. Therefore, when bad situations arise don’t think of the negative thing that has just happened but rather the positive that has come out from the situation. You know there is something good about the situation since God is only good.

  • Always pours out his grace and mercy towards us –> Greatest sacrifice of all time

As mentioned before, I have a lot of wrong in my life. God hates sin and all the wrong things we do in our life though he never stops pouring out his love for us. One way he demonstrates his love is through his mercy and grace. For my sin, I deserve to be punished and convicted for it. However, God showed me mercy and didn’t punish me. Instead, he showed me grace. He did something for me that I didn’t deserve. He took my punishment upon himself. He died on the cross and took all my sins with him so that I will be cleansed and free from my sin. I should have been on the cross with Jesus. Though, I was not. That’s why I love and choose God. He paid a price that I should’ve paid.

  • Is a forgiving God.

With all the sin in my heart, I am blessed to have a God that forgives me when I fail. I take the love and forgiveness he shows me and show that same love and forgiveness to those around me, even if they don’t deserve it. Because God has forgiven me, I can forgive others.


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