Why I Love Sundays!

My favourite day of the week is definitely Sunday. Sunday is just a happy day all around.The first thing that makes Sunday my favourite day is the weather. In Canada, even though the whole week may be gloomy, on Sunday it is almost always sunny hence the word ‘sun’ in Sunday. I love the sun and warm weather.

Next, on Sunday, it’s God’s day. No work. It is time to praise and worship Jesus in the church. I love to dress up and look nice for church because I want to look nice for God. On Sundays my family and I sometimes do something special together like have lunch at a restaurant or go to IKEA! It is always such a great time because we are relaxed since it’s the weekend and we just had a great time at church.

Sunday is the day before Monday which makes it a perfect time to catch up on homework, finish any assignments and even get ahead in school work for the week. After I come home from church, I like to finish up any assignments I have. I often find myself very productive on Sundays. I’m not really sure why, but I get a lot accomplished on Sundays and then at around 8 o’clock I usually spend it with my family! Additionally, I have more time for myself on Sundays to reflect on things that happened in the past week and things to come!

Sunday is just an awesome day and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the weather is usually great on God’s day! I usually go to the 11am service to church on Sundays. Therefore, if you also go to the same time service or go to church earlier, I would recommend you use the time wisely and don’t lose it because there are so many hours in a day and you can be so productive if you have them and use them wisely. Since I go to the 11am service, I usually wake up around 9am and get a bit of work done for an hour until 10 or 10:30 and then get ready to go to church. This way I use my time in the morning and when I come back home, I feel that I’ve already been productive so I want to continue working and using the time!

~keep inspiring~



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