Canada’s Wonderland 2015!

After a long awaited time , I had finally got to go to Canada’s Wonderland . But I wasn’t alone! My friends Julia and Jessica had joined me and we went all together ! Julia and Jessica met at my house in the morning at 8 and my mom was driving us. We left my house in the morning around 8:20am and arrived early at around 9am there. The doors opened at 10am IMG_0807[1]there and we entered into the park. Since we were early, there weren’t many people there and it came to an advantage to us because there weren’t any lines for the rides. The very first ride we went on was Time Warp in which I had never been on before! Julia, Jessica and I went on it twice . For my very first time of trying it , it was a very fun ride. The trick is to press your body towards the cage so that when you go upside down your back does not slam down on the cage and you get hurt. To the parts where I was upside down , that was the most scariest part because you really had to hold on!
After Time Warp, we headed to the ride, Sledge Hammer . From the previous times I have been to Wonderland , Sledge Hammer was always closed . Therefore, I was thrilled when it was finally open this time! Julia isn’t a big fan of spinning rides which resulted in only Jessica and I going on the ride. Sledge Hammer gives you butterflies in your stomach as you got up very high beacause you are constantly moving in the air though you don’t know when you are going to drop! That’s the trill part of the ride! The Behemoth is right next to Sledge Hammer and had no lines for it! I am not a big fan of really big loopy-loo rides and neither did my parents want me going on big scary rides, therefore I didn’t join Julia and Jessica on the Behemoth. Once the Behemoth ride had ended we went on Backlot Stunt Coaster. Just as Sledge Hammer, I went on Backlot Stunt Coaster for my very first time. Backlot Stunt Coaster is a ride that I underestimated. It looked like a small, easy – going ride. However, it was the exact opposite! It was very fast and a bumpy ride. You really had to press your head and body to the back of the seat because it hurts a lot since it is roughly shaken.

Following Backlot Stunt Coaster, Julia, Jessica and I were very indecisive about what ride to go on next. We were thinking about Guardian Galaxy but there was a very long line and Jessica had told me that it wasn’t the greatest ride with the exception of the drop at the end of the ride. We kept walking to end up deciding to go on Vortex. It was Jessica’s first time on Vortex and she enjoyed it by the end!  By the end of the Vortex, we were all getting very hungry so we decided to exit Wonderland and go to Hero Burger which was in a plaza across from Wonderland. It was my first time in Hero Burger and I had a good first impression for Hero Burger! The Burgers there were very filling and the fries had a mouth-watering crunchy taste! Julia and I both ordered burgers and we shared a fries. Though, Jessica ordered just a fries for herself since she wasn’t very hungry. I had also ordered a drink. Jessica explained to me how the drink was called a “bottomless” cup because it had unlimited refills! I took advantage of the unlimited refills and got as many drinks as possible and shared it with Jessica and Julia. We also had some fun with the drinks by filling our cup with different kinds of drinks and the others trying to guess what they were. Once we left from Hero Burger we headed to the water park in Wonderland. For our very first slide, we all went on the new ride in Canada’s Wonderland called Typhoon! Jessica and I shared a tube and Julia got her own tube. I personally loved the water slide and thought it was very fun as it was somewhat fast and you would get splashed by the water that was funneling out from the bottom of the slide. Jessica and I even went backwards during the ride!  Then after we went on Typhoon we headed to The Plunge! Julia and I were really looking forward to that ride because it gives you butterflies when you go down. The ride was great and Julia ended up going backwards in the ride because of the way the tube was faced! Right beside The Plunge slide is Super Soaker in which we went on after The Plunge. By the time we were at the front of the line about to go on the slide, we were already dry so when our bodies touched the water it was very cold! We were all screaming from the cold because there were two waterfalls on the slide! One was in the very beginning of the slide and the other was in the middle of the ride. After Super Soaker, we went on our last water slide of the day called Barracuda Blaster in which Julia refers to as the “toilet bowl” ride. Julia and Jessica went together in a tube and I went alone.  We headed back to our bags and got changed before heading to Minebuster.

Tiny Tim’s Doughnuts!!
Julia had been long awaiting  to go on Minebuster and the time had finally come! Minebuster is such a fun but wild ride just like Backlot Stunt Coaster. It really shakes and hurts your head during the ride! I felt dizzy after that ride! We kept walking after that and went on Pscyclone! Psyclone  is so much fun and I went on it with Jessica for my very first time! There are points in the ride when you are directly facing the ground or sky at a 180 degree angle! You get so many butterflies while on that ride! By this point I believe it was around 4 or 5 and we were all getting really tired ad hungry! To get some rest we decided to go see the Chinese Acrobatics Show! It was a great show! There were so many tricks and some scary acts! One of the scary acts was a man balancing on chairs with also the support of 4 wine bottles! Every time he would add a chair to the stack he was standing on and go higher each time! This was very frightening but at the same time mesmerizing because his life is at risk while performing this act which makes it twice the more interesting ! One of the foods I definitely wanted to try in Wonderland was Tiny Tim’s Doughnuts! From previous years, I always had the smell of those doughnuts saved in my nose but I had never tasted them. Finally, Julia and I bought a dozen each of the doughnuts. We both got the white powered kind and they were delicious! It was like heaven in my mouth! (I’m actually craving some right now as I write this!) Anyways, we went to the medieval area and we first went on The Rage twice since there were no lines. We then headed to Wild Beast! It was also Julia’s first time on Wild Beast and my first time in a while and it was sure a wild ride! Wild Beast is just like Minebuster in the way that it shakes your head really hard and makes it hurt after! At the end of the ride, it was cool to see on the roofs of shacks that were at the sides of the tracks there were tons of hair ties laying there!

We were getting a bit hungry after that so we decided to leave the park again and to go to Tim Hortons. Just as we were arriving to Tim Hortons, it started raining so we had perfect timing! Jessica and I shared a chili while Julia got a sandwich with bread and butter. Together we were having a debate of whether McDonalds or Wendy’s was cheaper. I believe that McDonalds is way cheaper than Wendy’s. However, Jessica ad Julia disagree with me on that. Fortunately, by the time we were finished eating, it had stopped raining and we headed back to the medieval area of Wonderland, to attend the Dimensions show!Jessica had already watched this show though it was Julia and I’s first time. It was a nice show that had the similar chair act as to the Chinese Acrobatics Show. There were also acrobatics on bars and balancing on a string.

                              The Falls!!
Following the show, we went all the way to the other side of the park to go on Minebuster again and there was na very short line. While in line, we met a family from LA who was visiting for the week and sparked a conversation with them. We were comparing Canada and LA’s attractions and lifestyles. The kids from the family we met were very smart and cute. By the time we were done talking we went on Minebuster. I felt really dizzy after that ride but the night wasn’t over yet! We did some more walking and headed over to kidsville and went on Siver Streak. Silver Streak if probably the best and most fun ride in Kidsville. Julia and I love this ride although it is a very short and quick ride. We ended off the night by going on Windseeker! Windseeker also didn’t have a long line and it was so pretty to go up on that ride in the night time! You can see the city and all the lights! Once Windseeker was finished we headed towards the front of the park as we waited for Jessica’s mom to arrive. By that time, it was about 9:15 and Jessica’s mom was coming at 9:45. While waiting, I decided to get Gelato ice cream. I got Oreo and another flavour that I don’t quite recall. It was a very delicious ice cream! Even Jessica and Julia got one together too to share! In the beginning I wanted to get a funnel cake for all three of us to share but then Julia told me that it was $12 for the cake without the strawberries! That is really expensive and so I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t get it. We finished eating our ice cream and exited the park to meet Jessica’s mom in a plaza across from Wonderland and then we drove home!

Overall, it was such a great day that I got to spend with some of my closest friends! We did so much and practically completed all the rides in the park! I was really tired by the end of the day but that was okay because I had a great and fun day! I think the day definitaly made me bond and connect more to the girls. I got to know more about them and it connected us as a whole. That day was a day of many “firsts” for me. I went on so many rides that I haven’t been on before and I  tried some new foods. For many of the rides, I was totally freaked out and scared. But I knew that it was just a temporary feeling and that I didn’t want to waste the opportunity on trying new things and making memories. Therefore, i went on so many thrill-seeking rides and had a blast on them. I didn’t let fear hold me back! I would encourage you to try new things and to break out of your comfort zone! Make memories and experience life to the fullest. Never let fear hold you back from doing things. This goes towards going on rides in Canada’s Wonderland and even accomplishing your goals and dreams in life. Of course you don’t need to completely break the fear box and do something daring right away, but you can definiiatly take little steps towards breaking a fear. For instance, I am still not completely comfortable with going on the Behomoth and Leviathan. However, I went on a lot of rides that I was scared of like Time Warp and Psyclone!

Anyways, I definitely want to go to Wonderland again and for sure make more memories with Julia and Jessica.

~keep inspiring~



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