Pan Am Games: Volleyball 2015

Wednesday, July 22,2015, marks the day I went to the Pan Am Games! I am so lucky that the Pam Am games were held in Toronto this year! I was also extremely blessed to not just go by myself but also with my friend Patricia and her mom! We decided to go to the quarter-finals of women’s volleyball held at the Exhibition .

At around noon, we left and her mom drove us to the Scarborough area, where we parked the car at a movie theater. Once the car was parked, all three of us went and took the subway to arrive at the Exhibition where the volleyball game was being held!

Before I even talk about the games themselves, the outside surrounding the building of the volley ball game was very cool to see! There were huge TV screens with fun lawn chairs to take pictures on and tons of food venders!

Argentina vs Puerto Rico!
By the time we got into the volley ball game building, the first set had just finished. Puerto Rico and Argentina were playing in this match. It was a tough battle for both teams because in every match the points were moving back and forth from the two teams and so the score was very tight. By the end of four matches, Puerto Rico had won two games and so did Argentina. Therefore, the last match would be very crucial for both teams to be able to move on to the semi finals. The final score of the last match totaled out to a very close game. However, Puerto Rico sealed the win.  Both teams worked extremely hard and it was such an intense game to watch!

One of the benefits of the pan am game ticket purchases, is that the ticket is not just valid for one game! As long as you stay in the building and don’t leave, you can watch as many games as you like. That is exactly what we did!

Cuba entering the court to begin their game!
After the game between Puerto Rico and Argentina finished, a new match between the USA and Cuba had immediately begun. Once again, the game between Cuba and USA went to the fifth tiebreaker set with the USA grabbing victory! Although, the USA had won, Cuba put up a tough game for the Americans. There was one girl in particular who threw the USA off their game with her hard-hitting spikes! The women’s volleyball games were finished for the day but that didn’t mean we were! About half-an hour later from the women’s game was the men’s volleyball game between the USA and Argentina. Patricia and I were debating whether to stay or not, but we ended up staying. I am glad that we did choose to stay because the final game we stayed for had the strongest team we had seen all day! That team was Argentina! Not the women’s team though, it was the men’s team. The players from Argentina could spike the ball so hard you can’t even catch it with your eye! Additionally, they would be able to recover any spike the opponent would do and just gave an overall memorable game. There were tons of fans and people from Argentina in the crowd. Argentina had tons of support!Unfortunately for the USA, Argentina had won the first three games against them so the matches were over.

Following the ending of the game, we just walked around the outside of the Pan Am volleyball building and explored the Pan Am store and even bought some Churros! I tried Churros for the first time in my life and they were so delicious! If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?!

All three of us headed home,once again by the subway and then Patricia’s mom drove us home. The night wasn’t over yet! Before we parted ways, Patricia and her mom got to visit my house after all the renovations were finished in my house. It was fun because both of our parents got to talk and so did Patricia and I!

Patricia is such an awesome friend that God has blessed me in my life with. I’m sure everyone has had their struggles with friends and so have I. But there’s always someone in your life that just lights you up and understands. I stress on the word understands because there are some people who are great friends but can’t connect or relate to you.However, Patricia I feel is one of those people that understands and can totally relate to me in situations. I encourage you to find those true people in life. The friends that you can be 100% weird with but as well as the people that will help you in times of trouble! I am going to be the person to tell you that you don’t need a lot of friends in life. You just need people in your life that will help you grow as a person and grow with the Lord. We can’t do life alone. We need people in our lives to be there for us.Even when we don’t have someone physically there with us, we will always know that God is with us even in our darkest moments.

Unfortunately, both mine and Patricia’s phones had run out of battery in the middle of the day! Therefore, we only got some snapshots of our Pan Am experience! Though, writing this blog will definitely be one way that I remember the day! I hope this will inspire you to start writing and to journal your experiences because you want to cherish these moments for life!

Go live life to the fullest and spend times with the people that are worth time your time and energy. Make the most of this summer!

~keep inspiring~



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