Canada Day 2015!

July 1st is the nationwide celebrated day for all Canadians because it is the day where our country was formed 148 years ago! Canada Day 2015 was a memorable day spent with my family at Queen’s Park! Normally, my family and I wouldn’t do much on Canada Day. However, this year Canada Day was a blast for me and reminded me of why I love Canada.

Queen’s park hosted many activities and events. There were midway rides that my sister and I went on as well as several workshops! In the mad science workshop I made silly putty! Silly putty may seem gross because of its slime texture but it’s actually really fun to play with. I also made a bracelet using UV beads which was really cool since they change colour in the sun!

On the floor of one of the streets in Queen’s Park there was a graffiti drawing of the city of Toronto featuring the CN Tower, Rogers Center and other buildings. There was also a tightrope painted in the center of the picture. It is intended that you walk on it and have people take pictures of you because it gives you the illusion that you are walking on a tightrope above the city! I thought the concept was very fun and interesting!IMG_0455[1]

Following our time spent in Queen’s Park, we went to the local Swiss Chalet and had lunch! My parents and I ordered chicken and fries whereas my brother ordered pizza with a side of fries. I am in love with Swiss Chalet’s fries! They are so tasty and have a nice crispy, cooked taste to them. I love Swiss Chalet’s meals as they really fill your appetite. It was a great to have lunch at Swiss Chalet as I haven’t been there in a while.

Canada Day 2015 was an amazing day spent with my family! I wanted to just enjoy the day and make the most of the time with my family. The quality times spent with your family are to always be cherished! I would encourage you to have some quality family time if you have been lacking it recently. Gather up your family one night and do something together that everyone would enjoy; even just playing a board game together in your house is a great way to spend time with your family!

~keep inspiring~




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