11 Reasons Why I Love Canada

Hey there! July 1st marks Canada Day where history was made 148 years ago when the fathers of confederation united three colonies to form this beautiful country, Canada. Yes, I am Canadian and I was so blessed to celebrate Canada at Queen’s Park on July 1st !

Click Here to see what I did on Canada Day! My Canada Day 2015!

Canada Day was never an exciting day personally for me. However, after my experience of celebrating Canada Day at Queen’s Park I had so much fun and realized why we celebrate Canada. This is why I love Canada.

  1. Freedom:

Canada provides us with freedom in various areas such as in speech, culture, religion, and belief.etc I am so blessed to be Canadian!

  1. Free Health Care

Canada made the right decision when deciding to give Canadians free health care! It is so awesome that when we are sick we can immediately just go to the hospital and get the treatment we need and then pay after.

  1. Democracy

Canadian citizens get the opportunity to vote for who they want in reign for our municipal, provincial, and federal governments! This is a great component to Canada.  vote

  1. Landscape

From the Rocky Mountains to the Boreal Forest, Canada is filled with beautiful scenery that makes the country absolutely stunning!


  1. Time Hortons

I’m sure almost every Canadian can agree the Tim Hortons is part of the reason why they love Canada! The ice caps, timbits and fresh smelling coffee…yum!

  1. Maple Syrup

Canada is proud to have maple syrup as one of their iconic known symbols! It is also great on our pancakes!maple syrup

  1. Poutine

The savouring taste of gravy and cheese curds over our fries. I don’t think anything needs to be said after that.

  1. Beaver Tails

Beaver tails never disappoint with the taste in your mouth! There are so many delicious kinds!! I you haven’t tried one yet, here is the link to their official website and go find a store near you to get them!beaver tails

Beaver Tails Official Website!


  1. Roots

Roots is an absolute wonderful Canadian brand bring comfort and quality in its clothes!

  1. Lululemon

Lululemon is the wonderful Canadian brand focusing towards comfort and chic in their fitness and yoga clothes.

  1. Aritzia

Aritizia’s clothes just scream “fabulous fashion” when you look and wear them!aritzia_logo_2012

Those are just few of the many reasons why I love Canada varying from the more political reasons to the delicious reasons! It’s not every day where you realize the great place you’re living in and the blessing you are to be living there! I am from Canada but I would love to know where you are from and why you love your country! Feel free to leave it in the comments below!

~keep inspiring~



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