The Friendful First Day of Summer!

My first day of summer began on Friday, June 19th after I completed my french exam! Before the exam, all I could think about was that in one hour and a half I would be in Summer! That morning of the exam all I was thinking about was that I would have tons of activities and things to do in the summer once school ended. I would have the best summer yet !

The 90 minutes passed by and I was free and finished, fini, terminado, however you want to say it, the point is, I was done! It’s not that I don’t like school, it’s just that I was really excited for the summer. In fact, I actually love school! Of course it can get tough at times, but overall, I enjoy school.

Anyways, once the exam was finished I was thrilled and went home to start my summer! The problem was I didn’t know where to start! I admit it. I was bored and set the expectation a little too high. However, I was persistent to make my first day of summer a great one! Therefore, I decided to call my friend, Julia. Julia and I ended up going out to a plaza nearby for lunch and to hangout.

We first went to Pizza Pizza and ordered a large pizza for the both of us. On my half of the pizza, I decided to experiment with different combinations of toppings so I got chicken and pineapple together whereas Julia got Italian sauce and chip-bacon-crumble. I have to admit, my combo tasted pretty good! Along with our pizza, we also bought fries from Harvey’s which just completed the meal! (Yes, we did eat a lot of fast food, but in our defense it was the start to summer!)

Following our meal at Pizza Pizza, we attempted to take artsy photos in a parking lot in front of a grocery store!

Our slushies!
Our slushies!

Well, at least I attempted to take artsy photos. However, my photos were nothing near good comparing to Julia’s “instagram worthy” photos! I had no idea she was such a good photographer! Seriously though, if you ever need great photos taken, she’s the girl to go too! Although, a parking lot may not sound like the best spot for photos, it  actually made a great location! After time knows when of taking pictures, we ended off the night by getting slushies! The slushies got a bit messy but it just added more fun to the night!

Our hangout gave me the opportunity to get to know Julia better even though I’ve known her for about a year! I’m continuing to discover more about her and our get together brought us closer to each other which is also a bonus! I believe it’s important to spend time with your friends away from school and to branch away from talking about things related to school sometimes. I would recommend having more deep and intellectual conversations. You could discuss recent news, your personal opinions on issues, or simply reflections on your past year. It never hurts to have more ‘heavy’ conversations with your friends once in a while because it builds your understanding of things, and may give you a different point of view on certain matters. In addition, it reveals more about your friend’s personality and beliefs. Julia and I have deeper conversations occasionally. We don’t always have the same opinions on things, though we still respect each other’s ideas and I actually learn new things when I have deeper conversations with her as well as other people in my life.

All in all, If you have a friend that you want to spend time with, or just need a great way to spend the time in summer, call a friend and go somewhere local and enjoy the time! You don’t need to go far to have a good time. Take time to appreciate and reflect on the times you spend with your friends because that time is priceless.

~keep inspiring~


Julia took this photo! Fantastastic!
Julia took this photo! Fantastastic!
Another one of my faves that Julia took!
Another one of my faves that Julia took!

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